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IDentiPASS is perfect for Fortune 500-size companies, independent businesses, hospitals, schools, colleges, government agencies and other organizations... anywhere you want to link security communications in a vast, ever-changing network. No matter how large your organization, no matter how many sites you have scattered around the city or around the globe... here's a powerful system that adapts to your unique requirements.

With concise, understandable commands, the IDentiPASS system's modern, multitasking capabilities allow you to use the same PC that operates your security program to run spreadsheets, word processing or other programs.

Just look at some of the features this remarkable system gives you:

Available with the new, enhanced IDentiPASS:
  • PASSPort powered by Ortega. PASSPort is a dynamic mapping module that provides a real-time interface with third party security products.
  • Door Monitoring and Control. New features boost security by allowing users to monitor the status of system doors, with or without readers.
  • Door Event Links. You select targeted or system-wide actions based on an event to increase facility security.
  • Card-Based Event Links. Set up cardholder event links from the cardholder's record.
  • Database Engine Choice. Upon installation, you may choose an MSDE or MS Access database.
  • Selectable Wiegand. Permits the use of software definable bit patterns in Wiegand-format cards.

Other features available with IDentiPASS:

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