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Standardized, Shareable Database Format

System Galaxy leverages customers' existing information systems and support with an ODBC compliant SQL-based database. The standardized database can interface easily with existing company database management systems such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server 7, and Sybase. This design easily accommodates importing and exporting for valuable information sharing. The database design limits the effort necessary for database backups and maintenance, and makes it possible for limited IS staff to support the System Galaxy database.

Flexible Connectivity Options

The PC-to-controller connection can be established over a LAN or WAN (using TCP/IP), or though dial-up or direct cable connections. The LAN connection can use an existing network infrastructure, allowing clients to control and monitor their security management systems without installing a dedicated network. System Galaxy can identify fixed IP addresses and addresses assigned by a Dynamic Name Server.

PC-Independent System Wide Inputs and Outputs

System Galaxy controllers allow single or multiple inputs (alarm, door, facility management, or anti-passback events) to trigger one or more outputs, system wide - without connecting to a PC. This allows the system to operate remote sites without a constant PC connection, and allows the system to continue functioning in the event of PC failure.

Mix and Match Technology

System Galaxy allows intermixed use of any industry standard reader technology, including SMART cards, biometrics, and Wiegand outputs from 8 to 48 bits. It also accepts Clock and Data format. Reader technologies can intermix system-wide, even on the same controller - including readers that produce different output formats.

Smart Upgrade Software

System Galaxy saves customers money with growth-ready software. Instead of multi-tiered software that needs a new version for new features or expanded system capacity, System Galaxy uses a single version of software for the full range of configuration options. Subsystems (such as badging, CCTV, Time and Attendance) are bundled with the software, and can be enabled as needed with a simple registration code.

Cost Saving Database Design

System Galaxy saves time and money by interfacing with customers' existing database management software (Oracle, Microsoft SQL 7 Server, and Sybase). Utilizing the existing database system saves the cost of installing and learning a new database format. This saves money in training while maintaining a consistent company-wide database format that is familiar to the company's IS professionals.

Easy to Learn Interface

System Galaxy reduces lengthy and expensive user training with easy to learn, easy to use software. Software wizards walk operators through software installation, site setup, and controller/reader programming. The Windows-based interface takes advantage of familiar menus and buttons. Users find immediate answers through on-screen help, user manuals in Adobe PDF format, and on-screen video tutorials.

Built-in Reporting

System Galaxy provides a complete range of customizable reports. Compatible with the Seagate Crystal Reports engine, new report templates can be added to the system without requiring software modifications, and system users can use Crystal Reports to enhance System Galaxy's wide range of existing reports with their own professional, presentation quality reports.

Hardcore Hardware

Inside the System Galaxy controller, the port-interface cards protect the CPU from surges with outstanding surge suppression. In case of damage or other failure, the port-interface cards and network-interface cards are all "hot swappable," meaning they can be replaced while power is still applied to the controller.

Seamless Retrofit

System Galaxy maintains a natural migration path that allows users of Galaxy Control Systems' 400 series controllers and Integrator Software to easily upgrade to an enterprise-class solution by simply replacing the CPU board in the 400 series panel. All other hardware and wiring can remain in place, saving time, material, and money.

Unparalleled Warranty

System Galaxy gives end users peace of mind with the industry's only two-year unconditional warranty. The warranty provides full coverage for all Galaxy-manufactured products for two years from the date of shipment - even for lightning strikes, tornadoes, vandalism, and more.

24/7 Technical Support

All Galaxy Certified Dealers can count on Galaxy's proven technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist with troubleshooting, new installations, and system enhancements.

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